Cyber-bullying : is a buzzword these days – for a particularly cowardly and hideous form of unkindness.

It goes without saying that bullies are cowards, first and foremost, that pick on more gentle and sensitive people – people to whom they feel intimidated or less interesting – and to make themselves feel better, they belittle their prey.

It is sometimes very difficult to speak of these things to parents, teachers and friends for fear of reprisals but our ophthalmic opticians are very willing to listen and may be able to help. When having an eye test in the secure and confidential surroundings of our examination room, the optician will ask if there is anything that you would like to raise and this could be a good opportunity to ask any questions about your eyes or spectacles or to share any bullying burden. All conversations would be dealt with in the strictest confidence, as your health and eyecare will always be.

Parents; please pass this information on to your children and young people when coming for their next eye examination, as we are all keen to help stamp out this vile activity.

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